Victor of Warwick Rare 753R Frame & Fork

753 is the most exclusive tube set from Reynolds.  The legendary Reynolds 531 introduced in 1935 was so successful that it took until 1976 to improve upon it. 753 is essentially 531 made with reduced wall thickness and heat treated to increase tensile strength.  Because of the level of skill required for silver heat work, the unique frame material was not suited to mass production like the 531, which surged on in production through the eighties, also meaning these beautiful lightweight frames are much rarer to find.

753RThis is a lovely example of a 753 Road, fresh from the paint shop & ready for the next phase of its life…

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753r Frame and Forks

Built by Martin Hackley in Warwick

and painted by us in beautiful kingfisher blue, with detailed lug lining.

Amazing workmanship, faultless all round. Rides Superbly. Perfect.